Dear Caisa visitors,
from now, our new creation is available: The YubiPan!
At our shop under "description" you can find more informations.

If have you any questions about waiting time, order or other, just write an email: info@caisapan.com Thanks!

Caisapan.com is finally online! Several years unfortunately there was no real platform for the Caisa, now we offer the 3rd generation of our beloved handcrafted Caisa Handpan. Enjoy!

 André Krause & Michael Pabst

with german standards

The Caisapan is handcrafted by Michael Pabst and Andre Krause, quality is our highest priority.


The Materials

We use only german materials manufactured in germany with highest standards, so is our caisapan 100% handcrafted.


Need something special?

If you wish, we varnish your caisapan in a special RAL-color.


The Varnish

We use only superior varnishs and varnishing the Caisa in our manufactory to keep the quality in our hands. 


Unique optic

The surface of the caisapan is unique with each instrument we build, this blue / green shining color relies on the surface heating.


A Soundexperience

once you own it, you never give it back. The Sound of the Caisapan is unique - its meditative and mild.


The tuning

Choose one of seven tunings or tell us your favorite tuning. Every tuning has his own preferences which make it sound more like oriental or central europeen music.

Get it now!

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