Dear Caisa visitors,
from now, our new creation is available: The YubiPan!

If you have you any questions about us, custom made handpans for you, waiting time or other, just write an email: info@caisapan.com
We like to get in contact so we can make the instrument personally.

Handmade in Germany

We are André Krause and Michael Pabst, we build our Handpans only with hammer and hand, quality is the highest priority - since 2003!



We used houndreds of different materials, since a few years we never found better steel alloys as now.

High quality steel and the composite parts are put together and hammered in meticulous work.





No more rust!

Finally no more rust.. all our instruments are rust-free!


Stainless Steel Alloy

Our stainless steel models are in a mix of brown/gold/copper - color, which arises in a natural heat treatment process for each individual instrument. The surface is polished, cleaning and care are done with just water - we love it. =)

Additionally, this steel has the best sustain / reverberation we ever found since 16 years of building Handpans. The best choice if you want to play slow and mediativ.


Patented nitration method

Our black instruments are nitrided with a patented nitration method, which we could make our instruments rust-free. The sustain is middle-ranged and the best choice for fast players.





A Sound
which searches for live

Our instruments have a unique, melodic and mediativ sound which seduces to dream. Its steel, but dont sounds like steel. We are able to use the maximum of the tunable overtones, so we can get a more powerful sound.


The tuning

Choose your personal favorite from our list or just ask for a custom made tuning - we can do everything which is possible. 4 Overtones per tonefield give it the real singing steel.


During the tuning process and some tricks, the tonefields are checked for stability constantly - so that you have fun for a long time - or for ever!

You can buy now.

Get in contact with us - info@caisapan.com - or use our shop.

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