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New Soundexamples


We added new sound examples on our Tuningpage. Actually its only the Standard-Caisa, we working to provide all required sound examples for the Stainless-Steel Caisa soon. Also there will be another Shooting with the new Caisa. EnjoyAndré Krause & Michael Pabst

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Development of a new Caisa


  Thats how the new Caisa looks like!   We developed a new Caisa made of stainless steel, its sounding different and beeing able to get carried around outside!   Due to that possibility its not required to get varnished and the originalsound isnt changed. Also the heating of this instrumen...

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Caisapan.com finally online!


    After long time of programming, we proudly present Caisapan.com We decide to deliver all fans a platform to get infos about the Caisadrum. Also you are able to ship your Caisa from manufacturer. Get your 3rd generation Caisa which is highly improved in quality and sound. You can feel an...

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